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 Adding in the [arm, [disarm commands and other suggestions

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PostSubject: Adding in the [arm, [disarm commands and other suggestions   Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:21 pm

In my opinion these commands are what allowed metro pvp some of the fast speed based style it had besides nearly non existant spell delays...

If you do not remember the way these commands worked was that you could say [selectarm and target your hally and so you could simply say [arm and [disarm. This effectively bypassed any real movement delays

Also food for thought was that metro had [drink commands as well. Eventually we modified them so that you couldn't [drink while a spell was casted or you had a target up but for the majority of Metropolis' lifespan these commands were there.

Oh and as I was telling Admin Chanse... While I do infact have the "cletus weapon tables" from Metropolis/OU they are of probably no use to you due to that fact that the way armor damage values were calculated on Metropolis was bugged since the days of Lucifer by being too low or high at various times. Obviously, because of this there were numerous weapon tables used and so my personal knowledge here would not help much except to point out that at no point was Metropolis' Armor and Weapon absorbtion and damage rates OSI spec. The later Online Ultima (God how I hated that name) tables were an attempt to compensate for the then higher AR absorbtion rates and removal of Barbed and Spined leather Armors. So, they had much higher than normal Minimum values which made them fairly savage versus an unarmored person.

As a side note if the staffers here have any questions I am sure between Stitch, Illusion and I we will probably know the answer. While I no longer have any of the server files aside from weapon tables (donation vendor scripts etc included) I do have the contact information for the other Devs and i'll see what I can get from them.
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PostSubject: Re: Adding in the [arm, [disarm commands and other suggestions   Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:26 pm

Excellent thread Cletus. I do remember the commands listed above, and we will certainly look into implementing them. Perhaps we could sit and chat sometime and exchange some thoughts.
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Adding in the [arm, [disarm commands and other suggestions
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