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 Bugs i have found

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Bugs i have found Empty
PostSubject: Bugs i have found   Bugs i have found EmptySat Jul 11, 2009 1:47 am

Archery seems to hit way too much. I probably got a good 20 on Mazer in a row.

Regular Bows seem to do very very little damage.

Boards weigh 3 stones, and not 1 (not sure if that's a bug)

Account ages won't show.

Can't delete chars after 7 days.

Can't gain from passive meditation.

If you cast a debuff, it won't fizzle the next time, and will interupt always.

If you bring up the explo pot curser and cancel it, you cannot bring the curser up again. It will tell you to wait 6 seconds. Not sure if that is suppose to be like that, but it ruins explo pot dumps.

That's all i can find at the moment.
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Bugs i have found Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bugs i have found   Bugs i have found EmptySun Jul 12, 2009 6:12 pm

I'll give the best answer I can, but I'm not staff.

1. What skills does Mazer have? Like if you 0 wrestling and he was being hit, then that could be the cause of archery owning.

2. I can't help with this question.

3. That one sounds like a bug.

4. I've noticed this also, must be a bug.

5. Chars should definently be able to delete after 7 days, so thats a bug.

6. You never could gain from passive meditation on old Metropolis, so I don't think thats a bug.

7. Metro from 2003-Early 2006 was set up this way, and debuffs were effectively a disrupt in pvp.

8. I believe they set it up this way, but I'm not staff so not 100%.
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Bugs i have found
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