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 General Discussion Guidelines

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General Discussion Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: General Discussion Guidelines   General Discussion Guidelines EmptySun Jun 07, 2009 4:40 pm

Below is a list of guidelines you are expected to follow when posting in the General Discussion forum.

1: All topics are to have a meaningful, descriptive subject. Threads that contain replies not pertaining to the subject of the original author will simply be removed.

2: Be sure to make threads here which only contain information pertaining to Metropolis Reborn. Threads created that do not fit this criteria will be moved to their appropriate category.

3: Avoid hijacking or sidetracking threads. Try to stay on topic.

4: Do not create threads about a topic which has already been created on the boards. Please utilize the search utility before creating a thread to see if the information you may be wanting to obtain has already been posted on the forums.

5: Please keep all flames and rants to a minimal. If you have something personal to take up with someone, utilize the private messaging system or third party chat systems. Do not use the forums as a way of publicly singling out another user.

6: Do not post links or images pertaining to any questionable content. If your boss wouldn't approve of you viewing it at work, leave it off the boards.

7: Do not make any threads advertising for another Ultima Online server or other projects.

Failure to comply with any of the rules stated above may invoke the following repercussions.

A: Temporary forum account suspension

B: Permanent Ip ban from the boards

C: Permanent Ip ban from the boards and Metropolis Reborn (includes accounts)

We hope you will all follow these guidelines when using our forums. If we all do, our community will be much closer and stronger. Thank you.
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General Discussion Guidelines
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