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 Patch 1 - [6/29/09]

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Patch 1 - [6/29/09] Empty
PostSubject: Patch 1 - [6/29/09]   Patch 1 - [6/29/09] EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 3:05 pm

The following updates will be implemented at around 3:15 PM Central Time today.

- Provocation gains are no longer skill based, but rather usage based. You can now gain provocation on any mob at any skill level.

- Chickens and eagles have both had their feather drop modified.

- The command [password has been added. You can now use this command to change your password for your account yourself.

- A small bug with treasure chests which made the server crash has been resolved.

- An issue with summons taking too many control slots has been fixed.

- Added a message of the day script. To view the message of the day, simply say "motd" and it will appear. It will also appear on your initial log in.

If you noticed any issues with the updates stated above, please let us know in our bugs section. In particular, with the skill gains for the new provocation system, please let us know how they appear to be working. Thank you.
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Patch 1 - [6/29/09]
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