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 Patch 2 - [7/2/09]

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Patch 2 - [7/2/09] Empty
PostSubject: Patch 2 - [7/2/09]   Patch 2 - [7/2/09] EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 11:26 pm

The following updates were successfully added to the server today at 10:15 PM US central time.

- Lock downs will now work correctly. You can no longer lock down items inside of containers, and items inside of a locked down container will no longer decay

- Auto dispel from mobs has been removed

- Orc/Rat camps are removed until we can modify their loot properly

- Taming radius has been increased to 3 tiles

- Stat gain rates have been increased slightly

- Meditation gains have been increased slightly

- Stam loss from spell damages has been tweaked

- The online count in our [msg system is fixed to accurately display the online count

- Various loot drops have been modified on certain mobs

- A daily server restart has been added. The server restarts at 10:15 PM US central time now with a 15 minute server war

- The % success rate for provoking at 100 provocation has been increased

- Mage AI will use greater heal much less now

- An issue with stamina while being overweight has been solved

- Hitpoints issue has been fixed

Thank you for your patience as we worked on this patch. Patch 3 is just around the corner with more updates for you all, so stay tuned. Enjoy, and please report to us any errors or bugs you may find with these updates.
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Patch 2 - [7/2/09]
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