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 Techs Application

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Techs Application Empty
PostSubject: Techs Application   Techs Application EmptySat Jul 04, 2009 1:01 am

-Name: Patric

-Age: 18

-Position applying for: Counselor/GameMaster/Seer

-Years of Ultima Online experience: 11

-Programming languages known: none

-Previous servers you work[ed] on: Project UORevenge, and a slighty successful UOR shard ran by myself "UOR PvP" It was a Test Shard replica, and PvP based (obviously). Hosted by my friend, ran it for about 4 months in 2007.

-What you would like to see changed here: Some of the spawns are not accurate (i.e. sheep)

-Provide us with a brief description of yourself. Let us get to know you, and why you would benefit Metropolis Reborn:
It is summer, and I have time to put into a community and shard. I am great with people (I work as a courtesy clerk for Albertsons) and I am honest and responsible. I've staffed before, and owned a shard of my own. I know what it takes to make something successful, and plan to do so.


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Techs Application
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